Fantastic Dating Ideas

5 Date Ideas You Never Thought Of

Dancing Lovers

When you are dating, going to the same mundane places can make the romance fizzle instead of sizzle. If you are looking for a great change of pace, you should try one of these unexpected date ideas.

A Dancing Class

This might seem like a strange idea but it’s a great way to get to know one another quickly. You both start at the same point, as a beginner and then of course once you know the steps you can pair up and really start to have some fun. Most dancing schools offer a free first lesson which you can use to see if you really like it and also it means getting a little closer to your date. If you both like it then you can continue on and enjoy the fun.

Star Gazing

Local astronomy clubs always have outings to observatories or planetariums. What better way to get to know each other than in the dark, gazing at the stars and learning at the same time. Romantic and interesting.


There are many psychics out there who offer couples readings. Getting one of these can let you know what is in the stars for you and the person you are dating. I would not advise you to go here on a first date since it can seem rather presumptuous, but it is an excellent idea for those who have been seeing one another for a while and they are curious about where it is headed.

Cooking Classes

This is a great idea for couples who are looking to get a little closer. Cooking is one of those activities that most people know how to do, yet when a couple does it together there is a certain level of intimacy involved. The added bonus is the fact that those who are not culinary inclined may learn something new.

The Cemetery

If you are a well-established couple and one or both of you has experienced a loss, you could consider heading to a cemetery together to pay your respects to those who you have lost. This is a great opportunity for a couple to get closer than ever. It is also very interesting to wander the grave sites and look at the history and stories of those long dead. It may seem a little macabre but after all death is an inevitability of life.

While some of these ideas may seem off the beaten path, the reality is that all of them may help increase the closeness and intimacy in a relationship. Without that, there is not much chance the relationship to survive, so consider giving one of more of these a shot.