Friends After Love

 Can Exes Really Be Friends

Couple Breaking Up


This is a question that has plagued daters for as far back as anyone can remember. The reality is that it will depend on the particular circumstances that led to the breakup and several other factors.

Many ex couples try to be friends after dating when children are involved. This can refer to children born from the union as well as those who were conceived before it. If you have built a solid relationship with your lover’s children then it is more likely that a friendship can be maintained. Trying to be angry and jab at one another when there are children around is counter productive, since it will not only hurt you but the children as well. While you do not have to be the very best of friends, getting along well is the ultimate goal.

In many cases where cheating is a factor, it is not really likely that two people will remain friends. This is because the breakup was probably not a mutual decision and there is apt to be animosity involved. Personally, I have been cheated on and I was never able to push the anger and hurt aside long enough to be friends with those who did that to me. Sure, we are ‘friends’ on Facebook, but that is as much contact as I would like to have with them. There is certainly no need for pleasantries and afternoon tea dates.

FriendsSometimes two people are in a relationship and they don’t belong there. While there is nothing that is making the union particularly bad, there is no real romantic spark there either. In cases like this, being friends is probably the best thing to do. Since you actually like their personality and you have a solid foundation to build a long-term friendship on. I am currently roommates with someone I used to date about ten years ago. We mutually decided that we were going nowhere and decided to remain friends. We are best friends now and it could not be any better.

The reality is that whether or not two people can be friends after a breakup depends on the two people involved. What works for you or me may not work for them. You will just have to assess your particular situation and do what you feel is right. Remember that sometimes cutting off all ties can hurt but it is better than preserving a useless friendship.